Seven Ways Innovation Is Driving Convenience At Truliant

by Heath Combs on January 13, 2015

This message was originally published in the first quarter newsletter Truliant Federal Credit Union sends with member statements. It was written by Todd Hall, Chief Operating Officer of Truliant.

Todd Hall

We hope that you remember 2014 as a year in which we truly gave you, our member-owners, greater access to a better banking alternative. Key among the innovations was a newly introduced branch format that shows Truliant adapting to the current and future needs of our members who expect easily navigable solutions that truly make a difference in their lives.

As you enter our new Member Financial Centers, you’re greeted with a smile, a cup of coffee if you like, and assistance getting where you’re headed. One of the first things you’ll notice with our new more member-centric branch design is a contemporary feel to the space. Our new design is about half the size of our other centers, but retains an open airy feel, while maintaining privacy with frosted glass walls separating the offices to enable more in-depth conversations.

As you roam, you’ll notice digital signage showing more than just the great rates we’re offering, such as our community engagement and sponsorship activities. Your branch may be serving as the drop off point for a food drive or offer applications for one of our scholarships or mini grants.

We’ve removed the traditional feel of the teller wall that once acted as a barrier. We wanted to make your visit a more engaging, collaborative and consultative experience with a service representative who has a universal set of financial skills.

This closer, more personal proximity is vital to helping you feel comfortable as you share your needs. It also helps us have a more engaging conversation so that we can better understand your goals to be able to provide you with the right financial solution to improve your life.

A number of our new locations also include freestanding 24-hour drive-up ATMs. Gone are the days of withdrawing more money than you need. Now, you can get the exact bill denominations you want and see them listed on your receipt, or your check deposit image. For added convenience, these new ATMs even let you deposit up to 50 bills without an envelope

Our soon-to-be-launched website is a key in our evolution to the ever changing environment financial institutions face. It incorporates a responsive design that automatically adapts to tablets and smart phones. Calculators and decision tools help you manage monthly budgets, debt consolidation, credit card payoff or loan amortization and more. You can also access reviews and robust content related to Truliant’s convenient products and services that help you achieve your goals.

Member-owners can use their mobile devices to unlock a range of services that formerly ate up time and travel. You can deposit a check with your smartphone through EasyDeposit. Want to pay your part of the rent? Use Popmoney® to send it with a text. Need your account information in a hurry? Get alerts about your account balance through our Tru2Go app. Did we mention that Truliant processes more than 400,000 mobile transactions every month? If you haven’t tried it, go to your app store to download our free Tru2Go app and experience the time-saving convenience.

Further in 2014, we streamlined the more common financial paperwork of applying for a consumer loan with the incorporation of DocuSign. This service allows you to electronically sign binding loan documents and to gather signatures from other parties that you need, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Security is ensured through customized questions designed to be answerable only by the true signee. Tamper-proof, unalterable, paperless transactions give you the ability to conveniently store your documents electronically.

Now the receipt of your loan funds is no more than an internet connection away. There are no shortcuts to creating lasting relationships. They’re created before, during and after your interactions with our staff. By creating dynamic change in the way we interact, we hope to earn your membership for a lifetime and become your financial partner to help you build a strong financial future.

The ways to interact with us continue to evolve with technology enhancements, but we will always be here to listen, understand and provide guidance as we stay true to our mission of improving your financial life.


Truliant President and CEO Marcus Schaefer wrote this message for our quarterly newsletter released in January.

Marc Schaefer_2011

We all need a predictable partner who has our best interest at heart, today and tomorrow.

It seems that many companies that serve consumers have turned a new leaf as we emerge slowly from the economic crisis. They realize that most consumers now get it. Companies who demonstrate a sincere interest in the well-being of their customers stand a better chance of securing their business than those who use the traditional product push approach.

In short, these companies have tried to hone “caring,” “community” and “engagement” as marketing tactics. I’m sure the individuals on the front lines who actually serve the customer are delighted with this direction. After all, we all live our lives in communities with children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers with whom we genuinely want to be connected.

There are differences between those organizations that have read the consumer “tea leaves” and hope to take advantage of an opportunity, compared to those who have a core value system embedded in their very structure. The opportunistic one may change, but eventually may revert back to their less consumer-friendly practices.

The consumer may also forget the hard lessons of the recession, its causes and the primary culprits who made them vulnerable, once again, to poor choices. A Federal Reserve Governor recently remarked that the consumer has now recovered a “considerable fraction” of their lost wealth because of the recovery of the housing market.

Interesting how those who drove the subprime mortgage debacle, which led to the economic collapse, seem to have recovered more than “fractionally” with the help of the U.S. taxpayer. We’re even starting to see some of those questionable practices return as some financial institutions reach for even greater profits.

Truliant is a member-owned financial cooperative that is driven by our mission to improve our members’ lives. We have never deviated from this course. Others, who actually participated in creating the crisis, may try to reinvent their brand as consumer-friendly innovators to an inattentive consumer, while we work to reinforce our differences in our brand.

When difference in products and service derives from structure (member ownership), history (62 years of member focus) and core values (improving member lives), it will always trump repositioning as a marketing tactic. Our members cannot afford to relearn the lessons of the economic crisis. You can’t continually rebuild after missteps and still reach long-range goals that include your children’s education, a comfortable retirement and helping elderly parents, among others. We all need a predictable partner who has our best interest at heart, today and tomorrow.

As we promote our ability to provide relevant guidance and advice for you to make decisions based on your long-range needs, you’ll likely sense the difference. We may help you reconsider the size of a mortgage obligation or even a car loan in the context of your overall goals. Or, we may help you decide to reposition savings and investments to achieve better or safer results over time.

As you evaluate your personal balance sheet and income statement in the years ahead, we hope you’ll credit some of the good decisions to your partnership with Truliant and our talented staff. There is no confusion on our part about the credit union’s mission, our role and the measure of our success: members who are making progress towards or have reached their financial goals in life.


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