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I recently wrote two blogs on the topic of IRAs, and highlighted the two most popular types:  Traditional & Roth.  But did you know there are other types of IRAs? 

A SEP IRA is a retirement plan that has a lot of benefits & potential tax advantages (tax deductible contributions & tax deferred growth!) for small business owners & those that are self-employed.  This type of IRA has several guidelines that must be followed, & it’s typically one that has a large attraction due to its high contribution limit ($51,000 for 2013!).

Small business

 At Truliant, we offer SEP IRAs for our members.  If you’re self employed or a small business owner (50 or fewer employees), a SEP IRA is definitely something you should be thinking about having for yourself and your employees. 

And if you haven’t spoken with one of our free Financial Advisors, I strongly suggest doing so.  They’ll be able to make sure you’re on the right track to a comfortable & enjoyable retirement!

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