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What does being a Member-Owner mean?

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When I was young, my Dad would talk about the local phone company being a co-op and that meant a lot to him, but I didn’t really understand it.  As I got older, I learned about non-profit and for profit businesses, which helped me understand a little more why my daddy appreciated the co-op so much more. 

And now, I work for Truliant, a non-profit financial institution.  Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?  A financial institution makes me think of income-greedy people wanting to make a buck off of whoever will come do business with them.  So a financial institution that operates like a co-op, is unheard of!  Actually, credit unions have been around for quite a long time….  I can’t believe Truliant has been  around for over 60 years!

Now I get to help people in the community get the financial services they need and deserve without making a bunch of money off of them.  Since they are member-owners (owners of the credit union), their best interest is our main focus rather than how much money we can make. Member-owners get to vote for who is elected onto our volunteer board of directors.  Yes, I said volunteer!  They don’t get paid for their time. They donate it because they believe in the mission of Truliant: to enhance the financial lives of its member-owners.



There are a lot more ways Truliant is different from the average financial institution. We pay dividends on checking accounts, have very few fees, give extremely low interest rates on loans, stay open on a lot of holidays so that we’re available to the member-owners, base lending decisions on more than just a credit score, and more. I have enjoyed working here for almost 10 years now.  And each day I get to make a difference in someone’s life by simply offering financial services the way they should be… honest, inexpensive, and local.

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