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Who wants a tax-free iPad????

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It’s that time of year that parents look forward to more than anyone else. After a summer of no school and vacations students being home all day, sleeping in and hanging out with friends and family, most parents are ready for the school year to commence! Teachers and students usually dread going back to school, but look forward to a fresh start with new classes and the possibility of new friends. A huge benefit for all consumers is the Tax-Free weekend!

This year the tax-free shopping will begin on Friday, August 3 and continue through Sunday, August 5. In the state of North Carolina, consumers of all ages can save on clothing, shoes, school supplies (under $100.00), school instructional items (under $300.00), sports and recreation equipment ($50.00 and under), computer supplies (under $250.00), and my personal favorite computers (under $3,500.00).


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Happy Shopping to all and to all No TAXES!

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