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Truliant Building Convenient Branches of the Future

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Not another red light! It’s scorching hot outside, traffic is backed-up. I’ve got maybe twenty minutes to stop by the Truliant branch to deposit a couple checks, get some cash and ask about a car loan for my son who just graduated from college. I hope there’s not a long line.

And, I need to grab some lunch and get back to work within the hour. Quality of life this isn’t.

Scene shifts to a parallel universe – I just laid out two checks and used my phone to deposit them to my Truliant account. Then I filled out an auto loan application online for my son’s car. I’ll need some cash for the weekend, but I’m stopping by the store on the way home for some groceries, so I’ll just get some cash back at the checkout from my Truliant debit card. I noticed they issued me a credit at Home Depot on that account, so I’ll go over this weekend and pick-up some mulch for the flower beds. I heard Truliant’s working on a self-checkout feature with some merchants, so soon I may not even have to stand in a checkout line!

I’ve got extra time for lunch, so I called my sweetie and we met for lunch at Bistro Bistro. I’m stopping by Truliant later this week, since I have an appointment with Lauren to talk about how to position the money we’re setting aside to send our kids to college and how to meet our goal to retire someday.


These are different visions of the same world we already inhabit… or soon will. Advances in technology will generally improve our lives by taking routine transactions that can be inconveniently time-consuming and make them easy. For Truliant, that also means we can be just as convenient to our members as the large banks that have the advantage of many branches – when it comes to transactions.

The flip-side is that we can focus on the conversations that help guide your choices in building your financial life and future. To support this focus, Truliant has already or is currently in the process of adding new Member Financial Centers in Elon, Whitaker Square in Winston-Salem and multiple new locations in the Charlotte area. Our staff and advanced ATMs in the Member Financial Centers can still perform basic transactions; however, they’re just as likely to provide you with sound advice on your financial choices as they are to help you cash a check.

Google recently announced the self-driving car with no steering wheel and no brakes. All you’ll need is the on-off switch. Amazon projects delivering orders to your home or office via hovering drones. We’re only projecting gradual changes in how you handle routine transactions and how we’ll use the time saved together to offer you informed guidance as you chart your financial course ahead.

You’d expect nothing less from your member-owned financial provider with the mission of life improved, as we are truly here to improve your life.

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