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Ten Questions with Truliant's Park Road Manager Justin Hutchins

Contributed by: Heath Combs

Justin Hutchins is Truliant’s Park Road Charlotte, N.C. Member Financial Center manager. The location is at 4530 Park Rd #110, Charlotte, N.C. 28209. He is shown at right in this blog's photo, presenting a Truliant Mini Grant check to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Charlotte.

1. Who is your favorite Superhero and why? 

The X-Men. They are comprised of a group of different people with different qualities/powers that they use together to help humanity.
2. Where are you from/Where did you grow up? How did you get to Truliant? 
I am from Charlotte, NC born and raised.  I came in as a part time teller while I was attending college.
3. You step outside and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

Pay off my bills, build my dream home, vacation to Europe with my family.  Purchase a home for my father and set the rest aside for my son’s inheritance.
4. What is one of the most useful financial tools you recommend to our members?
Use Equity in your home to reduce your debts, lower your payments, and get a tax benefit all at the same time.
5. What’s your favorite ’90s jam? 

Smells Like Teen Spirit – By Nirvana
6. What are you watching on TV right now and why?
The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, The Ranch, Orange Is The New Black
7. Tell me an inspiring story about a member.

I helped a member who was struggling in debt and was on a limited income. She had charged up all her credit cards at a high rate of interest and had about two years left on an auto loan. We realized she had a vast amount of equity in her home and I suggested a home equity line of credit. The member didn’t know what a home equity line of credit was.  

After explaining it to her, and taking an application, we were able to consolidate all her debt into one lower payment at a much lower interest rate. The end result was that we saved the member over $700 a month in payments. This drastically improved the quality of our member’s life and she was able to have more financial freedom than before.

8. What restaurant is your favorite near your MFC location? 
Overall, Logan’s Steakhouse……..Near me, Duckworth’s Grill.
9. What tips do you give members to improve their financial health?

Try not to charge anything on credit cards that you can’t afford to pay off at the end of the month.  Stay owing less than 50% of your limits on revolving loans to keep your credit score strong.  Pay on time…..ALWAYS as slow payment history is one of the number one killers of credit.  Open a shared secured line of credit if you need to establish  or help re-establish your credit score.
10. What dish do you cook better than anyone? 

Nothing.  I could literally burn water.

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