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Got to Have it NOW!

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I just have to have an iPad2.  It’s a portable tablet that’s compact and lets you download apps for everything from books, recipes, games to driving directions to my favorite destinations.


But I can’t wait until Christmas.  I have to have it NOW!

These are the times we live in.  Got to have the newest car, newest phone, the newest gadget, newest gaming system, etc… you get the idea.

But when you’ve just got to have it, what happens when you don’t have the money for it?  We borrow from high interest credit cards or take out additional loans.

I am determined to save money as much as possible, so if I can’t pay for it in cash or a check – then I need to wait. So instead of taking out another loan or borrowing on my credit cards, I created a savings plan. I nailed down my timeframe of when I want to make my purchase, and figured out how much from each paycheck I’d need to save. Then, to ensure that I would save the money for only this purpose, I set up an automatic allocation to my “Rainy Day” account.

Truliant’s “Rainy Day” account transfers the change left over in your checking account to a separate savings account daily.  By allowing one free withdrawal per quarter, it limits the number of times I can take money out.  So I save!

And rainy days are perfect for reading, too.  Now, off to save for my iPad2!

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