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Is it Worth it?

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There are financial institutions out there that want your business.  And they’ll do some crazy things to get it… like giving away stuffed animals. 

I was recently in one such institution, and there was a promotion that if you get a friend to sign up for a checking account, you get a stuffed animal. 

Teddy bear

What wasn’t advertised were the fees a person would get if you didn’t carry a certain balance, have direct deposit, have a mortgage there, etc.  Sure, the stuffed animal was cute, but I’d rather have a headache-free checking account than a toy!

At Truliant, we offer a Basic Checking account that doesn’t have monthly fees.  It also doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement, and it even earns dividends!

I’d rather get more from my checking account than just a stuffed animal, which is why my checking account is with Truliant.  If you feel the same way, click here to learn more , then visit your local Member Financial Center to get started!

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