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Tax Time…

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Either you’re excited because you are getting a refund from the government, or you’re pulling your hair out because you owe money. Hopefully you are one of those who are lucky enough to get a refund check. To those who owe, well, Truliant has some great rates on personal loansand credit lines.  Hopefully that can help keep some hair on your head!

For those who are getting money back, you probably have your “honey-do” list full of home improvements, credit card payoffs, that extra car payment, or that IKEA dining room table with matching bench and chairs that you’ve been eyeing for the past month.

While checking off and throwing away that overdue list feels great, it feels even better when you have the ability to take care of those little tasks when they come up.  Setting aside an emergency fund can help with those unexpected expenses throughout the year.  Yes, financial discipline is involved, but it’s a massive weight off your shoulders to be able fix that leaky faucet now rather than waiting until Niagara Falls is flowing under your sink.

Dripping faucet

Truliant has done all the hard work to make it easy for you to save. Our Rainy Day and Money Market accounts are set up to help you save for life’s unexpected expenses.  Why not take that refund check and set up a money market account?  You not only get a higher dividend on your money, but you can rest assured that you will be ready in case of an emergency.

The Rainy Day account automatically pulls the change out of your checking account at night and throws it into a savings account for you.  It’s like having a change jar at home, and it’s a great way to start or add to your savings.

Building an emergency savings is a great way to take the weight of financial burdens off your shoulders.  Stop by your local Truliant Member Financial Center to find out how we can help you save!

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