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Look Out!!!

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Looking back at big decisions we make in life can be both helpful and frustrating. We all seem to have so many daily hurdles where much of the information we receive can get so crossed and tangled.

We’ve been hearing about so many of the huge banker/investor gurus losing millions of investors’ dollars due to careless mistakes. How scary is that? People invest their life savings in these brokerage firms, financial institutions and trust “them,” whoever “them” is, to invest and be prudent with their hard earned money.


This hits close to home for me. I have a family member who is experiencing some of this carelessness from a larger banking institution. A substantial error was made during a loan closing in which she was told she was getting $X amount back, but then at the closing she actually OWED money.  How does this kind of thing happen?  That was her disastrous experience, and this is just one of many I’m sure.

It’s the uncertainty of the banking world that makes investing, saving, re-financing, acquiring loans – all of it so unnerving to me. We are vulnerable to the market changes, yet we place our faith in folks that we’ve actually never met, and likely never will. We don’t even know their credentials, their competence, or even the location of their office – yet millions of Americans place their financial wellbeing in these hands.

I love the decision I made to go with Truliant Federal Credit Union.  A smaller, ‘home town’ institution knows my community and realizes what people want and need. They take care of the people before themselves– and I actually get to see them face to face.  

At Truliant, they realize and appreciate their members and put members’ needs first. Their member service is impeccable from my experience. If you’re new to the area or have been here for years and you haven’t checked out the many benefits of Truliant, do it today., you’ll be glad you did!

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