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Money Under the Mattress?

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Do you keep extra money hidden under your mattress? Or do you think it’s just an old saying? If you’re leaving your funds in an account that isn’t earning dividends, it almost like you’re keeping it under a mattress anyway.


So what’s a good solution? Put it in an account with Truliant! 

All of our accounts earn interest, and one of your best options right now is to put your funds into a Certificate of Deposit (CD). You can actually start a CD with as little as $250.00, for a term as short as three months! You can earn even more by putting your money into a long-term CD, up to 60 months.  

Do you think you’ll need to access your funds sooner than that? You can always open a Money Market account or even a Rainy Day savings account.

The options for your money may seem a little overwhelming. My suggestion? Find your closest Truliant, go in, and find out how we can help you ensure you’re making your money do the most for your wants and needs. You can always find the most up to date rate information online too!

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