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Saving for Christmas in July

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My family celebrates Christmas in November.  We eat our turkey, go to the movies and then open up Christmas presents. I’m not quite sure when this tradition began, but it somehow stuck. 

Now, you would think being the daughter of a retired emergency manager director and Army Lieutenant Colonel that I would be better at preparing, right?  Wrong!  Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I start to cut my budget in order to squeeze out a few extra nickels and dimes in order to buy presents.   I then scurry around the night before trying to find gifts and stay up half the night wrapping and making bows.  By the time I finish, I’m covered in glitter, scotch tape and bows.  That is what I call self-inflicted stress!

I promised myself this year would be different.  I decided I was going to save throughout the year for Thanksgiving/Christmas.  So, earlier this year I set up a Christmas Club account  to help me with this goal.  I set up my account with only five dollars.  A couple times a week I would transfer money from my checking account to my Christmas Club account.  Sometimes I would only transfer one dollar, other times five dollars, and sometimes just the change. My five dollars grew and I’m now up to $74.  Sure, no one in my family is getting a 2014 Maserati for Christmas (or any time soon), but at least they will get something that reminds them that they are loved and appreciated.

snowman in the sand

 I’ll continue to save through the Summer and into the Fall.  Once November 1st hits, the whole Christmas Club account will be deposited into my checking account to be used for all the holiday festivities!  My festivities will include building ginger bread houses, making Oreo balls that are about 1,000 calories each, eating my weight in my sister’s homemade Chex mix, Black Friday shopping, and of course opening Christmas presents!

It’s not too late to start saving!  July is a great time to get started saving for Christmas.  So, stop by your local Member Financial Centerand open up your Christmas Club!  You only need a quarter to open up the account, there are no monthly fees, and you get to set the pace on your savings plan.

Click HERE for more information or call 800-822-0382.

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