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Spring Cleaning… well now Summer Cleaning!

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When I pack away my winter wardrobe, I give my apartment a good, top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning; otherwise known as spring cleaning… however, with all the crazy weather these past few months, it’s now Summer Cleaning! I’m armed with Windex in one hand and Pledge in the other. My cat scurries under my bed and trembles in fear, as should everything in my apartment, because no corner goes untouched. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s refreshing to know everything is scrubbed down, cleaned and ready for the new season.

I’m sure many of you are gearing up for your own “spring” cleaning. Along with cleaning your home, why not do a little financial cleaning this season? Do you have debt from high interest credit cards and personal loans? We want to help you clean it up and get rid of it! We want to help you consolidate those credit cards and personal loans. We offer different ways to pay those loans off quicker at a lower interest rate and possibly help you keep a few more dollars in your pocket each month. If you are paying more than a 10% on any loan or credit card then let us help you lower those payments and interest rates.

Cleanng supplies

So what are you waiting for?  Stop into your local Member Financial Center and let us take look at your accounts, credit cards and loans to see if we can clean out dust bunnies, cobwebs and help you get on the road to being debt free and financially clean!

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