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Use Truliant's Resources to Protect Your Accounts During the Holidays

Contributed by: Heath Combs

The holidays are a time of celebration. But with holiday shopping and travel at its height, it's also a time of increased fraud, so it's important be diligent in your efforts to protect your Truliant accounts. Now more than ever, identity theft is a cause for concern.
Consider the results of Javelin's 2019 Identity Fraud Study: Identity theft victimized 14.4 million Americans in 2018. According to Experian's 2019 Global Identity and Fraud Report, 80% of businesses in the United States saw their online fraud losses increase in 2018. 
Don’t let the nightmare of identity theft steal your holiday cheer. Read on about Truliant’s suite of services to help protect your accounts.

How Can I Protect My Cards During the Holidays?

  • Travel Notifications:  Call or log into Truliant’s Online Banking to submit a travel notification to ensure your card transactions will be processed while away.

Contact Truliant if you think your VISA® credit or debit card, ATM card or PIN has been lost, stolen or compromised. Keep an eye on your statements and online banking accounts.  Contact us  immediately if you see fraudulent activity. 

  • VISA® Purchase Alerts:  Easy to set up and use, Truliant VISA email and/or text alerts are FREE. When your card has been used, you’ll receive an alert, knowing within minutes if there is fraudulent activity. These informative alerts provide purchase amount, merchant name and location, and the last four digits of the VISA® card used.

Does Truliant Monitor My Cards for Fraud? 

  • Truliant’s VISA® Fraud Prevention Services: Truliant has increased VISA® fraud security with debit and credit cards being monitored continuously, 24/7, for fraud detection. If suspicious activity is detected, you may be contacted by our Voice Response Unit to verify your transactions. (You are only required to provide your five digit zip code and last four digits of your Social Security number to verify that you are the card holder.) If the charges are not valid, your card will be blocked to prevent further fraud. Contact Truliant  directly to report the fraud and order a replacement card.
  • Help us protect you: Make sure Truliant has your current contact information so we can reach you. Set up Travel Notifications if you will be away and sign up for Suspicious Activity Text Alerts, an easy and portable way to keep track of your purchases.
 For more details about Truliant’s card monitoring, see Credit Card Fraud Prevention & Security.

How Can I Dispute a Charge if Something Happens?

 First determine if this charge is a merchant dispute or fraudulent dispute.

  • Merchant Dispute: You made a purchase but now there’s a problem with the billing, item or services. First contact the merchant. Most want to work with you, to make you a happy customer. Consider returning the item, making sure you receive a credit receipt for the return and, ideally, signature confirmation as well. But if a return is not an option, contact us to complete a Truliant VISA® Dispute Form and we’ll investigate the problem for you.
  • Fraudulent Dispute: You don’t recognize a transaction that shows up on your statement. In many cases a suspect charge turns out to be a valid charge that may be unrecognizable due to merchant name. Check with all the people in your house who may have used your card. If you still have the card, it’s possible your card was compromised on the internet or at a business. If your card is lost or stolen, contact Truliant as quickly as possible to prevent more fraudulent purchases. Completing a police report is required if the suspected fraudster is someone you know.

    For Truliant to begin an investigation, you must fill out a Truliant Cardholder Fraud Form. For further questions, contact your local Member Financial Center.
 Learn more about how to Dispute a Merchant Charge.
By taking a few proactive measures to protect your Truliant accounts, you can relax and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Rest assured that Truliant provides excellent account security and always has your best interests at heart.
For mobile phone alerts, your carrier’s access charges may apply. 

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