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What Makes An Organization Stand Out?

Contributed by: Heath Combs

The following message was written by Truliant President and CEO Marc Schaefer for our 2014 Annual Report. We're making it available through our blog as as a reminder for Truliant's  2016 Annual Meeting on Monday, April 25, 2016 at our headquarters located at 3200 Truliant Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Fred J. Sarda Pavilion on the Truliant Way campus. 

 What Makes An Organization Stand Out?​ PART I

What makes one organization different from another? Why put your money, and more importantly, your trust, in Truliant instead of one of the mega banks that, as they recover from the financial crisis they helped to create, will pepper you with offers and commercials?

Truliant has to make the case for the value of membership for you, your family, your community and your colleagues every day. I recently read an article by a young man, Ben Hering, who articulated his value proposition for life and credit unions better than anything I could write. He asks four simple questions of the organizations he chooses to trust to help him through life. It turns out that Ben is a Millennial but his yardstick may work for everyone.

•  Does it align with my values? More so, can I be a proud promoter of this organization? In a time when communication with peers is constant and building your personal brand is a necessity, the businesses and organizations we choose to support become our identity. It’s who we are.

•  Is it local? In a culture of craft, locally sourced is the only way to go for the best of the best. It’s fresh. It’s pure. It’s natural. And, putting an actual face to the name is truly powerful. It just feels good to be a part of a community.

•  Is it convenient? So, you may be local and down the street, but accessibility is crucial. Extraordinary customer service doesn’t end at friendly staff. That means available at any time, all the time. That means offering many different ways to conduct business with you. That means interactions with real people, but also up-to-date online and mobile capabilities.

•  Is it trustworthy? Perhaps the most important, this question is an underlying component in each of the above topics. Genuineness and focusing on what’s in my best interest are essential. Like any other trusting relationship, I will go out of my way to remain loyal. In other words, be real because trust trumps the rest.

As we close 2014, we at Truliant have to ask ourselves all of the above.

Clearly Truliant is different in how we approach placing the consumer/member at the center of everything we do. Our values focus on improving our members’ lives and not with maximizing profits or even growth for growth’s sake. As a low income designated credit union, we serve many households of modest means with higher savings rates, lower loan rates, low-to-zero fees and conscientious guidance that often trumps the value of the other three. People helping people is more than a catch phrase for Truliant.

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