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Should I keep driving the one that brung me?

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Have you been putting your used car in the shop more times than you care to recall?  Is your wallet screaming for it to stop?  That has been the case recently with my mom and her car. She has had her car in the shop three times in the past six weeks. Her car is a really nice, recognizable brand and only six years old, but significant little things keep going wrong, and of course all of these repairs are outside the warranty period – so the costs are coming right out of her wallet.

I told her that she could have made four monthly car payments for a new car for what she’s put into these recent, unexpected yet necessary repairs.

I have to admit it’s hard to get prepared for the thought of a car payment after not having one for a few years. But there comes a time when you have to be financially smart and weigh the cost of keeping your current car roadworthy versus the possibility of a new car that will have a payment – but presumably no repair bills, and will provide safe and oftentimes more efficient transportation from the standpoint of fuel consumption.

I just saw that the Truliant Federal Credit Union rates are as low as 1.99% right now.  Wow! That’s a great rate plus the perks they offer in conjunction with that rate are incredible. You don’t even have to purchase a brand new car; it can be a previously owned vehicle too. What better time than right now to think about the possibilities with these rates near an all time record low?

Car Dashboard

Are you member of Truliant? If so members save an average of $1,670 on new car loans and $1,724 on previously owned car loans! That’s a significant savings.

Did you know that Truliant also has a program that helps you find your perfect car? If you don’t have the time to research the price Truliant will help you find and price a car through CUABS(Credit Union Auto Buying Service).   Usually the ultimate price is better than if you’d done all the work yourself.!

Check out Truliant today and see what all they can do to help you stop the repair bills and use that money to acquire something better.  Their loans and services may save time and cut costs, and in the process strengthen your financial security.  Visit them today at – you’ll be glad you did!

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