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Tech Tips For A Great Graduation Gift

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That was back in the days before you stayed cozily warm indoors sharing a cold day’s thoughts in 140 characters (or less) while sipping K-Cup single serve coffee as push button keyless ignition warmed your car.

Technology continues its push to simplify daily tasks. We’ll all likely carry mobile wallets at some point in the not-so-distant future. Who knows? When today’s toddler graduates, tablet computers may be the cassette player of their generation.

In a few years, you might not write that graduate a check or give them cash. You’ll end up gifting them money though a service like Popmoney, through which you can use to deposit money directly from your bank account to theirs.

While this service is still new enough to be novel, the concept is something that more Americans are getting familiar with. Popmoney allows you to transfer money with a recipient’s e-mail, text or bank account number.

It’s a service built for occasions like graduation, allowing users to bypass everyday cash and check payments going to friends, family, landlords and others.

You might even get ahead of the mobile wallet curve this year by gifting that graduate cash through Truliant’s Popmoney.

Or, knowing that cash is often scarce in the early stages of adulthood, look into a gift that helps meet a graduate’s future financial needs without burning a hole in their pocket.

And, if you’ve got online banking with Truliant, take Popmoney for a spin.

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