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The Money Tree…

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During this time of year, when the leaves are falling off their branches and drifting through the air, I often think of the old cliché: money doesn’t grow on trees. 

Fall Tree

Well, we all know that it doesn’t, but it’s a great concept to stop and consider. If you did have a money tree, eventually the money tree’s money will fall off the tree every year – it’s inevitable. So why not get your money tree and its leaves in a secure state? This way when it’s time for fall, you’ve got a safe place to collect and store the money from your money tree, and your money tree is healthy and already in its regrowth stage.

Let me elaborate. Money tree is typically associated with financial success. Isn’t that what we’d all like anyway, a little success and financial stability?

Our son associates the falling of the leaves with good luck if you catch one while it’s in flight. His theory is he gets to make a wish, all attached with a little luck.

Think of your finances as the money tree. It needs nurturing, planning and preparing for the right spot to put the falling money. One great spot is putting your money in the care of Truliant Federal Credit Union with their Member Service Repersentatives assisting you every step of the way.

Feel secure with your Money Tree and plant one at Truliant, all you have to do is or your local Financial Center today!

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