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April is notably known as the “Green” month. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be environmentally conscious the other 11 months of the year, we should create a little more awareness about the eco-friendly products that are being created to protect our planet and ultimately our families.

Most of us do our small part to help out ­ like recycling papers, plastic, glass, using those new curly light bulbs, and attempting to maximize our gas mileage. But there are other ways that you could be helping out that you may not even be aware of. Plus, there could be a nice perk in it for you too.

Did you know that many companies offer incentives to consumers that participate in the eco-friendly world? Let me tell you a little bit about one that might just peak your interest.

Truliant Federal Credit Union has an automobile program designed to be customer friendly and hassle-free.  They have a Credit Union Auto Buying Service to help you purchase your vehicle without you having to do any of the face-to-face haggling and traveling from dealership to dealership.  I know that’s a bonus for me ­ saving time and money?

 Fuel Efficient Car

All you do is the research and choose your vehicle, get pre-approved for your loan and contact an auto advisor with your vehicle request. The vehicle is then located and the purchase is finalized. It is truly that simple. Here are a few more perks­ by using the Credit Union Auto Buying Service you can receive a 1/4% rate discount. There is also a 1/4% rate discount for selecting the automatic payment option from your Truliant account. Sounds like a money saving venture so far!

Back to being Green ­ you can also save some green on your car loan with a Fuel Efficient Auto Loan at Truliant. If your new/used vehicle gets 29 miles per gallon or more on the highway, you can receive an additional .25% rate discount on your loan. There are a lot of cars that qualify; compact, mid-size & hybrids are a few, plus you’re saving at the pump and being environmentally friendly. You can’t beat that combination. Check out the auto loan program at Truliant, it’s not just for April, but all year-round!

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