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Commonly Asked Truliant Auto Loan Questions

Contributed by: Heath Combs

At Truliant, we strive to make shopping for your next auto loan easy. We start by providing great rates, and helping to make your experience rewarding, not frustrating.
Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, truck or SUV, we know you have questions about purchasing and refinancing with Truliant. Below are some of the more commonly asked questions we receive.
Do you offer auto loan rate discounts? 
Yes. Truliant offers several discounts. The maximum total discount is 0.50%. Truliant offers 0.25% discounts in the following circumstances: 
If your loan is less than 90% of the value of the vehicle.
If you make your loan payments by automatic draft through a Truliant account. You can easily open an account with us online, over the phone or in a Member Financial Center.
For fuel-efficient vehicles getting more than 29 miles per gallon.
If you purchase mechanical-repair coverage and guaranteed auto protection. 
Purchase your car through the Credit Union Auto Buying Service,* or CUABS®, a Truliant partner. 

Can I write the dealership a personal check and then come see you for a loan?  
If you have the available funds in your checking account you can write a personal check and then come see us for a loan when you receive your title. We will put the loan proceeds in your checking account and you can reimburse yourself or use the funds however you see fit.
If I’m pre-approved for a certain amount on an auto loan, do I have to spend the full amount? 
As a member, Truliant will offer you pre-approval for the maximum that you believe you will have to spend buying your car. However, you can always spend less than the pre-approved amount. If you are unsure when and where you are going to shop for your next auto and your credit score supports it, we offer an Express Check. An Express Check is for a pre-approved amount that you can take to the dealership. The amount that you write the check for will be your new loan amount.
How can I be sure the dealership will accept this Express Check? 
Call the dealership and let them know your credit union gave you a pre-approval check up to a certain amount and you want to work with a dealership that will accept it. If they do not accept Express Loan checks, you can choose to find a different dealership or negotiate and obtain a bill of sale.
When we have the bill of sale, Truliant can close the loan and provide you an official check during normal business hours. With the convenience of DocuSign®, you can do it over the phone and we can mail the check to the dealership if needed.
What if I am approved for a used vehicle but decide I want a new one? 
Your interest rates and available terms may change. Our lending officers can discuss any specific stipulations that will accompany your approval and the different interest rates to expect at the time of the application.
If I’m working to refinance my vehicle, what information do I need to provide? 
Please be prepared with your current driver license, registration, details about your vehicle including year, make and mileage, as well as the current lender. That should get things started!
Can you estimate what my loan amount will be? 
Truliant’s rates are determined by many factors, including your credit score, year of vehicle, loan term, loan-to-vehicle value and mileage. We offer very competitive auto loan rates you can find here.
If you want an estimate before we do a loan application, it can be done based on less information. We just need the year of the vehicle, a credit score estimate and then apply those numbers to a 60-month loan. But, if you want an estimate before we do a loan application, we can give some estimates from information like the year of your vehicle, with an estimate of your credit score, and apply some of those factors to the costs for a 60 month loan.
While this is not an approval or an offer, and discounts and premiums would still need to be applied, this may help you know better whether you want to complete your application. Or, if you have an idea of how high or low your rate could be, we can provide the lowest and highest rates based on the year of your desired vehicle and estimated credit score.
Is there a minimum I have to pay based on my loan amount? 
While payments are based on loan amount, frequency and terms, we can give you an idea of monthly payments if you know about how much you would spend.  The minimum payment amount is $50 per month. We have some loan calculators on our website that can help you get an idea of what an ideal auto payment might be.**
We’d be happy to talk about what loan is right for you. Learn more or apply at our auto loan resource page. Visit us, apply online or call us 24/7 for a loan, anytime, at 855.293.2957.
You can also schedule an appointment at a Truliant location near you to talk about auto loans.
Rates/terms subject to change prior to consummation of the loan. Auto loans subject to credit approval. Additional terms apply for refinancing existing Truliant auto loans. *CUABS is an independent NC licensed automobile dealer not owned or operated by Truliant.** Our calculators are solely for informational purposes and provides reasonably accurate estimates; the calculations are not intended to be relied upon as actual loan computations.

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