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Truck Driving Team Uses Truliant Across the U.S.

Contributed by: Heath Combs

Frank and Beverly Wicker are a married, truck-driving team. They work for Celadon Trucking, based in Indianapolis.

The currently have one route. Each Tuesday they leave Greenville, S.C. at 10 p.m. and they drive on Interstate 40 to California with a load of freight for UPS. The trip takes 48 hours. Then they turn around and bring back a load of freight for JCPenney. 

“We love it,” Beverly, 65, said. “We know exactly how far we are going before we swap out driving. We really like what we are doing now.”

“The truck never stops,” said Frank, 66. “The only time we stop is for diesel fuel. It’s five days on, two days off and then we start again.”

Except for $50 that Beverly has in a credit union account in upstate New York, the Wickers do all their banking with Truliant Federal Credit Union. Frank opened his account with AT&T Family Federal Credit Union about 25 years ago. The AT&T credit union changed its name to Truliant in 1999.

“I worked for a furniture manufacturer back then,” Frank said. “One of the perks was to be able to join AT&T Family Federal Credit Union and be able to get direct deposit. That alone made it worth joining. It saved me a lot of time. And there are so many advantages now to being with Truliant. It’s a whole lot cheaper. They don’t charge the fees a lot of banks do and there are no minimum balances. It’s just a better deal all around.”

The Wickers, who have been married 16 years, live in Kannapolis, but they do all their banking at the Asheboro branch because Frank grew up in Asheboro. Beverly has three grown children from a previous marriage. 

“When I walk into the Asheboro office,” Frank said, “I know all the people who are working there. The overall atmosphere is friendly and professional. And as a member-owner I own a piece of the business. And some of the money that Truliant makes off me goes back into my pocket. I’m helping myself out because they don’t have to charge me as much for banking services.”

For a couple who spends five days a week on the road, Truliant online banking is a critical feature and benefit for the Wickers. 

“I don’t know what we did before online banking,” Beverly said. “I love it. We have direct deposit. I usually deal with the accounts on the weekends. I know the money is in there. We have a checking account, a savings account, a rainy-day account and a vacation account. I can transfer money back and forth between accounts without bothering anyone.”

But member service is one of the most valuable features that Truliant offers to the Wickers.

“The best thing when you call with a problem or you need information, they take care of it right then,” Frank said. “None of that, ‘We’ll take care of it later.’ They stay with you on the phone until the problem is solved.

“Some places give you the impression that you are taking away from their valuable coffee-drinking time while they talk with you. At Truliant, they want you to be a happy and satisfied member/owner and they do what they have to do make you a satisfied customer.”


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