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Truliant's Shared Branch Network

Can I Make a Deposit at Another Credit Union?

Deposits can be made at a shared service center. Not all credit unions are in the shared network.

Can I Use a Shared Branch To Get a Cashier’s Check?

We do not offer cashier’s checks at this time, but we do offer certified checks for our members.

What Transactions Can I Make a Shared Branch?

The shared branching CO-OP network limits drive-through interactions for better security for each credit union's members. This is for the account holder's security. We can conduct basic transactions on your shared branch account including official certified checks payable to account holder in a maximum amount of $25,000. The cash withdrawal maximum per day is $1,000. You can deposit cash and checks payable into your account. You will need to bring a legal photo ID and provide your member number for the shared branch account.

Find a CU Service Center that's near your destination or along the way. Just check off “CO-OP Shared Branches” under “Find Me”.
The Shared Branching Network offers these Helpful Services:

  • Deposits
  • Cash-back transactions or withdrawals (limit of $1,000 per day)
  • Balance inquiries
  • Statement printouts, free for the last 10 transactions on an account

The transactions you can complete at the shared branches (for free or for a fee) will vary by institution, so we recommend checking their website or calling ahead after you have found a convenient location.