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Updates regarding account statements and tax documents. Learn more.

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Updates Regarding Statements and Documents

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Account Statements and 2023 Tax Notices:

Ongoing service outage issues with our statement processing vendor are continuing to restrict availability to all documents normally available online. We are working to resume availability to all electronic documents as quickly as possible. Until this issue is resolved, members who normally access their documents online will receive printed versions of this information by mail using the address we have on file. 

  • You should have received your January statement by mail.
  • 2023 tax documents have been mailed. Members with multiple accounts with combined interest earned of $10 or more received separate 1099 notices for each individual account. 
  • Additional letters and loan notifications have also been impacted. In order to provide this information in a timely manner, these notices are still being sent by mail but may look different than what you are used to receiving.
  • Should you need a printed copy of any statement or tax document, you may visit one of our branch locations or call us at 800-822-0382 to request a printed copy. We are temporarily waiving any printing fees for copies of these notices.

Accessing Account Information in Online and Mobile Banking:

  • Transaction information can be viewed by clicking or tapping your account name(s) within online banking and the mobile app. When reviewing transactions in online banking, you can select various timeframes or select a date range and also narrow the items by typing in a payee name, amount or other specific details. In the app, you can see transactions in chronological order or use the search feature for specific amounts or names. 
  • Click on ‘Details’ for deposit and loan accounts to see specific information like interest rates, accrued interest, prior year interest, loan outstanding balance, available credit, and payment amount due.

Additional Assistance:

  • If you need additional help, you may visit any Truliant branch or call us at 800-822-0382.