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Transaction Limitations

Learn about the federal limitations on certain account transactions.
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UPDATE 7/10/2020: The federal government has temporarily suspended enforcement of transaction limits involving transfers or withdrawals from savings and money market accounts.

Federal regulation requires that we limit certain types of transactions FROM your savings and money market accounts to six (6) transfers or withdrawals per month per account. The three primary types of limited transactions are:

  1. Overdraft transfers from savings to cover checking.

  2. Transfers from savings and money market to another Credit Union account or to a third party.

  3. Pre-authorized payments from your savings and money market.

Please note that ATM and branch withdrawals are not limited, nor are transfers TO your savings or money market accounts.

Here are some possible options you can consider to avoid exceeding the limitations:

  • Set-up an overdraft protection loan instead of using your savings account for overdraft protection

  • Use your Truliant checking account for your transactions (checking account transactions are unlimited)

  • Make fewer, larger transfers from your savings and money market accounts to your checking account when using Tru2Go Phone Banking (RSVP) and online banking