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Try a No-Spend Day

Video Transcript

I want to know when was the last time you went a whole day without spending any money at all, no online shopping, no grocery store run, not even a quick stop to grab something to eat.
Even for me, I don't really consider myself to be a spender, but even with that it's hard for me to think of a day that I didn't spend any money at all and I think it's because we live in a time where spending money really is just super easy and convenient.
You don't even notice it half the time and I think that's why it might be time for you to try out a no spin day.
A no spin day works really just how it sounds its one day a week that you choose where you just won't spend any money at all. On anything, like not even a snack out of the vending machine at work, and this isn't meant to deprive you or to be some weird form of torture and it's definitely not going to make you rich by just picking one day not to spend.
The point is to use this day as a spending reset, because it's just so easy to spend without being aware, but on these no spend days you'll be confronted with each of those impulses that comes through your mind to spend money and it might just shock you how often.
That is the goal with this exercise, to teach our minds to recognize and call out each time we want to make a purchase and then also to identify not only those moments but also the triggers that cause us to spend. Is it boredom, is it stress, or is it the fact that we pass a chick-fil-a everyday on the way home from work?
You know we all have our reasons, we all have our issues that we deal with that cause us to spend, but whatever it is that you discover, use that to help control you’re spending. Help you stick to your budget and also move closer to your financial goals.