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Why Now Might Actually Be a Good Time to Buy a Home: Part 2

Video Transcript

With ridiculous housing prices and the rising interest rates, we're seeing it can seem like right now might not be a good time to purchase. So, I want to throw out a reason why now may be a good time to buy a home.

And that reason you're asking is that there's less pressure from 2020 through to most of 2022 the housing market was on fire. Homes were selling at a record pace and it wasn't unusual at all for dozens of buyers to line up just to see one single house, and then for an all-out bidding war to break out pushing the price thousands of dollars above the asking price.

This created a lot of pressure for buyers to make quick decisions, oftentimes giving up the right for inspections and then just jumping on the first house that they could get to. But now, as the housing market has begun to cool off, the competition is starting to ease this gives buyers more time to make decisions that make sense for them and to think it through and make the right decision for your situation.

Because the last thing you want to do is buy a house that you may not actually want, just because you were pressured into making a quick decision. So, enjoy this precious breathing room that you have right now and find the right home and situation for you and your family.