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Where Should I Be in My 30s?

Video Transcript

Welcome back to Money Burst. My name is Chris, and I'm here with your quick retirement readiness guide that I'm breaking down decade by decade. We've already laid the groundwork with what to focus on in your 20s, so now it's time to wrap things up in your 30s. Let's dive into it.

Your 30s are often marked by significant life changes. So maybe you're buying a new house, or you're getting married, or even starting a new family. All of these new responsibilities might make your wallet feel, you know, a little bit lighter. But it is so important to keep saving for retirement as a priority.

It's all about balance. Finding a way to manage your present needs while still looking towards the future. This is also the decade where you want to try to increase your retirement savings rate. So, if you had started contributing, let's say, 5% of your income in your 20s, aim for 10 or even 15% now. Remember that the more you invest now the more time your money has to grow which will lead to fewer years spent working. Which I know we're all kind of looking forward to.

Your 30s are also the time to start really thinking about your future financial goals beyond just saving for retirement, right? Are you hoping to retire early? Do you plan to pay for your kids’ college education? Do you want to move to a new city after you retire? By defining your long-term goals now, you will know what it is that you're actually working towards and then you can begin to judge if you're even on track.

It's also worth considering getting some professional financial advice while you're at it, you know, to help guide you through some of these really big decisions. I recommend you work with a certified financial planner, and you can begin your search on or

In your 30s, the goal is to build momentum. You've started the climb, now it's time to pick up the pace. Life might throw some curve balls at you, but it is important to stay focused for your future self.