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Overdraft Options

Choose how to manage overdrafts and avoid fees.
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Overdraft Options
Balance Backup-Business

Balance Backup

Balance Backup+-Business

Balance Backup+

Overdraft Transfer Service-Business

Overdraft Transfer Service

Overview Our standard overdraft protection service.1 Included with all business checking accounts. Our extended overdraft protection service1 for ATM and debit card transactions. Included with all business checking accounts. Our most economical overdraft protection coverage. Links your business checking account to another Truliant account.2
Service Charges

$28.00 each

(limit six per day)

$28.00 each
(limit six per day)
(limit once daily)
Linked Accounts
(Business Membership Savings account linked automatically)
ATM Withdrawals
Debit Card Purchases (swipe, insert or tap)
Recurring Withdrawals
Checks Written

If you choose full coverage with all three services and overdraft your account, Overdraft Transfer Service would activate first. If there are not enough funds in the linked account, we would strive to cover the overdraft with Balance Backup or Balance Backup+, depending on the type of transaction made.

Balance Backup and Balance Backup+ comes automatically with all of our business checking accounts, so there is nothing you need to do to have this service on your account.

Our goal is to provide a valuable service that saves you time and money. And we won’t punish you with unnecessary charges.

  • We’ve eliminated non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. If we decline a transaction, you don’t get charged.
  • We don’t charge overdraft fees on transactions under $3.
  • We stop charging for overdrafts after 6 per day, even if we continue to pay them.
  • Our service charge for covering an overdraft is $28, well under the industry average.
  • If you don’t want to pay any overdraft service charges, you can opt out completely. While you may face third-party fees, Truliant will not charge you when we reject a payment.

If you don’t already have a Business or Basic Business Checking3 account, open yours today.

  • Basic Business Checking has no minimum balance and no fees.
  • Business Checking has a minimum balance of $2,500 with a fee of $10 if the balance isn’t maintained.

You can choose to not have any overdraft protection at any time. This means that when you do not have funds in your account to cover a transaction, we will decline your transaction. While this does remove any service charges you may incur, and we don't charge Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees, you may experience service interruptions, merchant fees and account suspensions.

To choose no overdraft protection, you must give us a call at 800.822.0382, or stop by a local branch and opt out of Balance Backup and Balance Backup+.

(1) Covering an overdraft when there are not enough funds in your account is at our discretion. We carefully analyze your account relationship and review deposits, overdraft history and other factors in order to pay as many items as we can for our members. If we choose to not cover an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.
(2) Link a Truliant savings or preferred line of credit to your checking account.
(3) Must meet credit bureau and ChexSystems qualifications. Speak with a Truliant representative for details.