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Fees and Service Charges

Learn more about Truliant's fees and service charges.
Fees and Service Charges

We are proud to continue to offer less, and lower fees than many other financial institutions. Below are our current fees.

All Accounts:

  • Account research: $25.00/hour1
  • Deposit item returned unpaid: $10.00/item
  • Electronic title release fee: $10.00
  • Escheatment fee: $40.00
  • Levy/Garnishment processing: $65.00/order
  • Loan payment returned unpaid: $29.00/item
  • Non-participation fee (see acct. terms): $10.00/month
  • Non-sufficient funds fee:  $33.00/transaction
  • Official check, payable to third party : $5.00/check
  • Partial share fee (see acct. terms): $0-$4.99
  • Service center transactions: $1.00/transaction
  • Statement copies (duplicates):  $2.00/statement
  • Title maintenance fee: $25.00
  • Transfer/withdrawal by phone (excluding 24-hour account access):  $2.00/call
  • Wire transfer (incoming): $10.00 (Domestic/International)
  • Wire transfer (outgoing): $25.00 (Domestic) $35.00 (International)
Savings Accounts:
  • Excess withdrawals (more than 3 over the counter per month): $10.00/withdrawal
All Accounts on Which Checks Can be Written:
  • Stop payment fee: $25.00/item
  • Transfer fee (from any available funds to cover non-sufficient funds check or ACH draft): $3.00/transfer
  • Truly Free Checking (check printing charges): Prices may vary
Monthly Service Fees:
  • Advantage Checking:  $7.502
Overdraft Fees:
  • Overdrafts caused by any means including check, ATM, electronic or in person (as permitted by applicable law):  $33.00/transaction or attempted transaction
  • Deposit account overdraft protection transfer fee:  $3.00
  • Line of credit overdraft protection transfer fee:  $3.00
  • Overdraft protection (Balance Backup):  $33.00/transaction
Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/Debit Card Service:
  • Additional cards (up to 3):  No charge
  • Annual fee:  No charge
  • Excessive card replacement:  $15.00/card
  • Foreign ATM fee:  $2.00
  • Truliant owned ATMs:  No charge
  • VISA debit transaction:  No charge
Other Services/Fees:
  • FedEx fee: $25.00
  • Online Loan Payment Service fee (guest):  $7.00
Additional information related to fees can be viewed in our latest Truth in Savings Agreement.

(1) One hour minimum. Additional charges may apply.
Waived if minimum balance maintained.