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Pay Off Debt Faster

Truliant’s Debt180 Consolidation Loan

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Don't spend another month weighed down by high interest debt: apply online today!

You can also visit one of our branches, or contact us to speak to a member of our team. We'll work to get your loan approved and get you your funds quickly (borrow $500 - $50,000) so you can begin working towards a debt-free future!


Debt Consolidation Calculators


Loans options for debt consolidation

Debt180° Consolidation Loan

Debt consolidation can help when you have many loans across several financial institutions. The variety of terms, rates and monthly payments can be confusing to manage. Consolidating debt into a single loan can help. With a great rate and a low monthly payment, a debt consolidation loan can help get you back on track. Debt180° consolidation loan is an unsecured loan for up to $50,000.

Home Equity Loan

If you have equity in your home, a home equity loan may be a way to remove debt. Leveraging the equity in your home can be an excellent way to access funds at a low rate. Get help from Truliant when you need to pay off high-interest debt or almost any other large expense.
A home equity loan features a fixed rate, and you get the full borrowed amount funded upon approval. Thus, it’s closer to a secured loan with your home as collateral.
A home equity loan is best for fixed expenses, like debt, since you get the funds up front and the rate doesn’t change. Whether it’s a home equity loan or credit line, be sure that your budget can afford the payments. While home equity rates are very low, your home secures the loan. If you don’t pay it back, your lender may foreclose or force you to sell your home to pay the debt.

How does debt consolidation work?

When you feel like you're drowning in payments, a debt consolidation loan can help. Truliant debt consolidation loans help members combine debt into a single loan and pay off others loans. This helps them to concentrate on paying down debt with one easy, low payment.

Best of all, with extended terms and lower rates, you may even be able to save money in the short and long term.

When is debt consolidation a good idea?

When it comes to managing debt, you have options. If you answer “yes” to the following questions, debt consolidation might be right for you.

  • Are you juggling multiple debt obligations?
  • Have you tried keeping up with separate payments on your own without success? If you find yourself only making minimum payments or getting overwhelmed with tracking your due dates, a consolidation strategy could help.
  • Do you have a significant amount of debt that isn’t equal to more than half of your income? If your debt is on the lower side, you may be able to tackle it with extra focus and elbow grease. If your debts are $10,000 or more, consolidation could help, but only if you have a consistent income to help you pay it back.
I can’t say enough nice things about Truliant. They have gone ABOVE and BEYOND to help me consolidate debt. Had I known the level of service offered by Truliant, I would have switched my accounts a LONG TIME AGO!
Truliant is patient with me when explaining my membership. I came the next day to get my brother a new account too. Everyone is nice to us and helped me to consolidate the debts on my credit cards.
They know what I need and how to take care of me when I need it. Truliant is nice and polite, they know how to help you in the best way possible. I love this bank.
Very professional and very helpful in my transaction. They also let me know about the current loan rates, which were very efficient.
When it comes to consolidation loans, Truliant is awesome. They offered me better rates and credit limits. Other banks offered $20,000, Truliant offered me $60,000 with lower closing costs and lower interest rates.
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How to Pay Off Your Debt

Debt: it's easy to acquire but paying it off can be a challenge. Not only are there different payment strategies to consider, but you also want to ensure you don't end up back in debt or further away from meeting your financial goals.

Truliant can empower you with the knowledge, skill and tools to overcome your debt. Even better: we'll provide guidance so you can learn to better avoid debt in the future. Explore the Truliant Learning Center filled with useful sections focused on meeting your financial goals, saving and budgeting, personal finance and more.

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Rates and terms are subject to change. Loans are subject to credit approval. Terms range from 6 to 84 months.
(1) APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The range of fixed rates is 10.49% APR to 18.00% APR.
(2) Qualified borrowers may defer payments up to 90 days after loan signing. Interest will accrue from the closing date of the loan until payments begin. Participating in this program results in up to a 90-day extension of the loan, maximum term 60-months. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Provision of the calculator on this page is not an offer of credit. Its use in no way guarantees that credit will be granted. This calculator is solely for informational purposes and provides reasonably accurate estimates; the calculations are not intended to be relied upon as actual loan computations.