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Money Market Accounts

Reach your financial goals with a Truliant money market account.
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What money market options does Truliant offer?

Getting started with a money market account is simple and easy and can be accessed with as little as $1,000.

  • Select Money Market: Our Select Money Market can be opened with only $1,000. No monthly fee for falling below the $1,000 daily balance. This money market allows for unlimited withdrawals and check writing privileges for your convenience. It can also be linked to an ATM or Debit Card.

Savings Calculators

What should I expect when opening a money market account?

  1. Apply for your money market account online, at one of our branches or over the phone.
  2. Once you apply, we will help to walk you through the rest of the process so if you ever have a question, we're here for you.
  3. You will be contacted within two business days to let you know of our decision.
  4. Your new money market account is available right away so you can start saving immediately.

How does a money market account work?

A Truliant money market account works very similarly to a checking account. However, you’ll notice some additional perks that you don’t get with a standard checking or savings account. While the returns aren’t as high as a certificate, Truliant offers highly competitive dividends on these accounts. Additionally, you’ll earn more interest as the account balance increases.

Is a Money Market Account Right for You?

Is a Money Market Account Right for You?

Money market accounts are a great way to earn more in interest than a standard savings account while having more access to your funds than a certificate of deposit. However, because of the higher dividends, often times money market accounts require a higher minimum balance than a savings account.
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