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FRAUD ALERT: Scammers are posing as Truliant and sending emails and texts that state an unauthorized ATM withdraw has occurred on a member's account. Do not click on any links if you receive one of these communications.

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Savings Accounts

Different savings options for your needs
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Membership Saving Account

Build your relationship with Truliant with a flexible membership savings account3 and then open additional accounts to meet your specific needs. 

  • No monthly fees and a minimum balance requirement of just $5
  • Earn interest with dividends paid monthly
  • Easy access to digital banking

Specialty Accounts

Save up to meet specific goals with our specialty savings accounts, including our Vacation Club account and Christmas Club account. Each features custom savings options and competitive interest rates. Other specialty accounts include:

  • IRA Savings: Set up systematic deposits for any type of IRA accounts. Earn dividends-interest posted monthly with no administrative fees.
  • Save Your Way: A way for our members to save by setting up an automated daily transfer. No minimum balance requirement and earn dividends-interest posted monthly.
  • The Rainy-Day Account: Build your savings fast with a Rainy-Day account, which automatically transfers any change in your checking account daily and moves it into a savings account. You'll be surprised how fast your account builds up!

Grow your savings with safe, secure and accessible options.

Even if it's just putting aside a small amount each month, putting money into a savings account is one of the most reliable ways to meet your financial goals. Whether you're saving up to meet a long-term goal like buying a car or paying for college, or you just want to have backup cash on hand in case of an unexpected expense, a long-term savings account can give you a sense of security and greater control over your financial future.

You can save for your future with a Truliant Federal Credit Union savings account. It just takes $5 to become a member and gain access to all the benefits of our traditional savings accounts. These benefits include the exceptional customer service and member-care Truliant is built on, the ability to transfer funds between your Truliant accounts 24/7 and easy access to your accounts virtually anywhere through Online Banking.

You can even ensure you keep on track with your savings goals by automating your accounts so that a certain amount automatically transfers from your checking to your savings on a designated date each month1. Plus, our Early Pay2 program adds your Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits and other ACH direct deposits to your account up to two days earlier with no monthly fee.

Open a savings account with Truliant Federal Credit Union today and get started on building your financial future. Set up your account online or contact us to speak to one of our representatives. We even offer a convenient online guide to help you decide which savings account is best suited for you. Get started now - your secure financial future awaits!


See How Quickly You Will Reach Your Savings Goal

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How Much Should You Save

Determining how much you should aim to put away each month is one of the biggest questions you'll face when opening a savings account. The answer depends on a number of factors, including your age, income and financial goals.

Truliant can help you make the best decisions for your needs, budget and lifestyle. Our Saving and Budgeting Learning Center has helpful guides on how much to save, how to get out of debt, preparing for a recession and more. Check it out and build confidence that you're making the right choices with your money.

(1) No transfer will take place on Sunday or other non-business days.
(2) Early Pay does not apply to certificates, loans, IRAs, IRA Money Market accounts, or HSA Savings accounts. Truliant can only post funds early if the file is received from the other institution. We cannot guarantee early posting. Only available for direct deposits.
(3) Must meet eligibility requirements to join. Must meet credit bureau and ChexSystems qualifications.
(4) Speak with your tax advisor for advice and additional information on your personal needs.