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Dispute a Charge

Learn the difference between a merchant and fraudulent dispute.
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What is a Merchant Dispute?

A merchant dispute is where you or an authorized person who may use the card have participated in the transaction with the merchant, but now there is a problem with the billing of the transaction, the item or services represented by the transaction. This may include:

  • Trial memberships that were canceled but still continuing to be charged
  • Incorrect charges which are more or less than the authorized amount
  • Online purchased in which merchandise or services were never received or received incorrect merchandise or services
  • Member was not happy with services and/or returned merchandise for a refund, and the merchant never processed a refund

What is a Fraudulent Dispute?

A fraudulent dispute is where you or an authorized person to use the card never participated, authorized, or was involved in the transaction with the merchant. This means you did not provide any of the card information to the merchant at any time; not even for age verification purposes. This may include:

  • Card fraudulently used to make an online purchase
  • Card was lost/stolen and used to make purchases

Once you have determined your dispute type, please follow the below information based on your determined dispute type.


Disputing a Merchant Charge

Some merchant disputes may require supporting documentation (i.e. receipts, emails, confirmation/cancellation numbers, and any other supporting documents you may have about this transaction). Please do not send us the original; only send us copies. If you do not have any type of supporting documentation you may be asked to write a detailed explanation about what transpired with the transaction and all the steps you have taken in order to resolve the dispute. Make sure you have your contact information on the form in case we need to contact you.

To file a debit card dispute, you may:

To file a credit card dispute, you may:

  • Submit your claim via Online Banking’s portal titled 'Credit Card'. Once within Credit Card, select the transaction you would like to dispute and select 'Dispute This Charge' within the transaction details.
  • Contact a representative at 888.829.6434 M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET (outside of business hours call 833.541.0777)
  • Send your request in writing via fax to 800.253.1220