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Truliant At Work Benefits

Improving the lives of your employees with free financial education and more.

Let Truliant At Work help benefit your employees.

  • Reduce employee financial stress
  • Trusted guidance for your employees
  • Join over 1,000 Business Partners
  • Get an edge on your benefits package

Welcome to Truliant at Work!

Employers are increasingly aware of the impact of financial stress on employee performance. The results can be higher healthcare costs, absenteeism and workplace accidents to name a few. More and more companies are adding financial education/literacy to their wellness programs.

  • A great addition to both your employee benefits and wellness programs

  • Teaches your employees how to achieve long-term financial success

  • Truliant at Work is provided with no cost to you and is free of administrative burdens

Offering the Truliant at Work program as a benefit can help your employees gain confidence in their financial wellness and help them make better financial decisions.

Truliant at Work Provides Long-Term Benefits to Your Employees

When an employer partners with Truliant at Work, their employees can take advantage of credit union benefits that build strong financial futures.

Truliant at Work’s on-site and virtual educational tools can be customized to fit your company and employees’ needs. Perks include visits, financial education seminars and webinars and personal financial checkups delivered in person or remotely to ensure all employees have the opportunity to successfully manage their finances.

Employees can also access great rates, free checking accounts, online banking and much more. While we are located in the Carolinas and Virginia, if you have employees who work off-site or in other states, they can also become a member and enjoy all of the same benefits.

Reduce Employee Financial Stress
Studies have shown that reducing financial stress and empowering employees to successfully manage their money is an integral part of any overall wellness program. Our financial education seminars are all designed to improve lives by building on your employees' financial literacy and well-being.

Guidance Your Employees Can Trust
One important benefit for your employees is access to a licensed and certified Truliant Financial Advisor. Our financial advisors do not work on commission, so you can always be assured that they are putting your employees' best interests at heart. We also offer personal financial check-up appointments, where your employees can have one-on-one sessions to review credit scores, find ways they can lower their financing costs and help them restore a path to stronger and longer-lasting financial health.

Help Your Employees Achieve Their Financial Goals
Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention with a financial wellness program. â€‹Become a Truliant at Work Business partner by completing our application and start delivering these benefits to your employees.

Join Over 1,000 Current Business Partners
Adding this program to your employee benefits package makes your business stand out in the marketplace and can help attract and retain the best, most loyal employees. Over 1,000 companies understand the value in our program and are happy to offer it to their employees. Remember, there’s no cost to add our program, no contracts to sign and no added administrative burdens!

Your company will be assigned a Truliant at Work Officer who will help you with this program. Once you designate a Business Partner Liaison from your company, your Truliant at Work Officer will work with your Business Partner Liaison to deliver great programming for your employees.

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