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Business Loan Payment Options

Free through Online Banking and our Tru2Go mobile app
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Online Loan Payment Service

We've made it easier than ever to make a Truliant business loan payment from an account with another financial institution.  You can use our self-service tool to pay electronically from a non-Truliant checking or savings account or debit card (credit cards not accepted). Please note that our Online Loan Payment Service does not allow you to deposit funds, make a payment on a credit card, mortgage or certain types of business loans (examples include SBA and Letter of Credit).

Our Online Loan Payment Service is free through Online Banking or can be accessed in our Guest portal with a fee of $7.00 per payment.

Credit Card
To make a payment online on a credit card, please log into Online Banking or the Tru2Go app and select Credit Card in the main navigation or in the 'More' menu.

Mortgage payments can be made within Online Banking or the Tru2Go mobile app by selecting 'Manage My Mortgage' under 'Additional Services' or the 'More' menu.

Read our FAQs.


Registered User

For setting up recurring, or one-time payments at no cost, a Registered user is the best of all loan payment options we offer. If you already have online banking then you're registered and ready to use this service. If you don't have online banking sign up here

  • Free
  • Pay using a non-Truliant checking or savings account
  • Same-day processing1 or schedule for a future date
  • Review payment history, set up email reminders and store account information to save time later

How to access using online banking or the Tru2Go® mobile app:

  • Online Banking: Select "Additional Services" and click on "Online Loan Payment Service" (which will open in another tab)
  • Tru2Go® Mobile App: Select "Online Loan Payment Service" from the More menu at the bottom of the screen

Guest User

Best for last minute, one-time payments or if you need to use your debit card.

  • $7.00 fee per payment
  • ​​Pay using a non-Truliant debit card, or checking or savings account
  • Same-day processing1 or schedule for a future date
See additional payment options below the FAQs.

Online Loan Payment Service FAQs

Are automatic recurring payments an option?
Automatic recurring payments are available for Registered users but are unavailable within the Guest experience. Please be aware you are responsible for managing your scheduled automatic payments. You should plan to stop the auto pay before the last payment is due and reach out to us for the final payoff amount.
Are principal-only payments allowed?
No, principal-only payments cannot be set up. Only regular payments are available through the Online Loan Payment Service.
Can I pay an amount other than what shows as the amount due?
Yes, from $5 to $4,000 per payment. Paying a lower amount than what is shown as due may result in a late fee.
Can a loan be paid off using the Online Loan Payment Service?
Yes, but you should contact Truliant to receive an accurate payoff amount before paying your loan off using the Online Loan Payment Service.
Can a payment be cancelled in the Online Loan Payment Service?
Call a Member Contact Representative at 800.822.0382 for assistance.
Can a payment be made to a delinquent loan?
Yes, but special circumstances may prevent transactions from being made.
Can a payment be set up for a future date?
Yes, payments can be scheduled up to 60 days in advance.
Can payments be made by phone?
Yes, but a $10.00 fee applies for each payment made by check and a $7.00 fee for each payment made by a debit card.
Can payments be made with a debit card?
Yes, if making a payment through the Guest site (in addition to your financial institution’s debit card you can also use reloadable, unemployment and employer-issued debit cards). No, if making a payment through the Registered site via Online or Mobile Banking.
Can the pay method be changed at any time?
Yes, you have complete control to change the payment method you would like to use at any time.
Can credit cards be used with the Online Loan Payment Service?
No, credit cards are not accepted as a payment method. You can use a checking or savings account from another financial institution, and a debit card if paying as a Guest.
Can multiple checking or savings accounts at other financial institutions show as available payment methods?
Using the Registered site, you will have the option to add multiple accounts as payment methods.
Do you have to set up automatic recurring payments to use the Online Loan Payment Service?
No, one-time payments can be initiated each month.
How long does it take for a payment to post to the loan?
Payments made before 6:30pm EST Monday-Saturday are processed same day, excluding federal holidays. Payments submitted after 6:30pm, on Sundays, or on federal holidays may be processed the next business day.
How do I pay my Truliant credit card balance with an account from another financial institution?
Login to Online or Mobile Banking and go to "Credit Card" to make a payment.
If I use Truliant’s Skip A Payment will the automatic payment set up in the Online Loan Payment Service still process?
Yes, if you have requested a Skip A Payment, then you would need to cancel any other automatic or preauthorized payments set up.
Is there a fee to use the Online Loan Payment Service?
No, if you are using the Registered site. If using the Guest site, a fee of $7.00 applies per payment.
Is there a limit to the number of payments that can be made using the Online Loan Payment Service?
There is a limit of 3 payments, to the same loan, within a 5-day period.
Is there a minimum and maximum payment amount?
Yes, payments can be made from $5 to $4,000 per loan payment.
What happens if my payment is returned?
We will make a second attempt to process the payment. If the payment returns after the second attempt, we will assess a $29 fee and reverse the payment from the loan account. Please be aware that your access to the Online Loan Payment Service will be restricted. You will need to contact us at 800.822.0382 ext. 6773 to restore service or make other arrangements to satisfy your Truliant loan payment.
What if I don’t see a payment amount due in the Online Loan Payment Service?
You can still make a payment but the amount may be applied to principal or the next payment depending on the loan type.
What if the payment does not post to my account?
Call a Member Contact Representative at 800.822.0382 for assistance.
What type of loans can be paid using the Online Loan Payment Service?

Any Truliant consumer loan except for mortgage and credit card. Several, but not all, types of business loans can be paid.

What verification will be provided at the time of payment?
You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]. You can also request a confirmation via text message.
Why can't I access the Online Loan Payment Service when logged into online banking?
You must have a valid email address in online banking to access the service. Check “Settings” in online or mobile banking to be sure your email address is listed.
Why didn’t my balance and amount due change after I made the payment?
You may have to log out and log back in to see the change. Check that you submitted payment Monday-Saturday before 6:30pm EST, excluding federal holidays.
Will I be able to view the payment posted to my account?
Yes, log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking and review the loan history.

Additional ways to make a loan payment.

By transferring funds:
Transfer funds between Truliant accounts within Online Banking.

By bill pay:
Use another financial institution's online bill pay service.

By mail:
Truliant Federal Credit Union
 P.O Box 26000
 Winston-Salem, NC 27114-6000

          Credit Card:
          Truliant Federal Credit Union
          P.O. Box 4521
          Carol Stream, IL 60197-4521

          Truliant Federal Credit Union
          P.O. Box 26000
          Winston-Salem, NC 27114-5508

By phone:
Representatives are available M-Th 8:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, Fri 8:00 am - 6:00 pm EST and Sat 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EST.
Please note: Payments made using a non-Truliant account will be assessed the following fees: $10 by check; $7 by debit card.

In a branch:
For a list of our locations and hours click here.

(1) Payment requests made before 6:30 p.m. EST Monday-Saturday are processed that day, excluding federal holidays.  Payment requests submitted after 6:30 p.m. EST Monday-Saturday, Sunday, or on federal holidays may process the next business day. 

A limit of three payments to the same loan can be made within a five-day period.