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business resources

Business Resources

  • Overview
  • The 5 C's of Credit
  • Truliant provides the documents you need to analyze your business's overall finances and start the process of securing a loan to help your business expand.

    Business Loan Application

    • Download and complete this form to apply for a Truliant Business Loan. Please deliver to your closest Member Financial Center

    Personal Financial Statement

    • Download and complete this form as part of your loan application process

    Business Debt Schedule

    • Download and complete this form as part of your loan application process

    Business Membership

    • Review information required to establish time saving products and services

    Beneficial Ownership Form

    • Download and complete this form as part of your loan application process
  • Planning to apply for a small business loan? At Truliant, we give every credit request the respect it deserves. All requests are put through the "Five Cs of Credit" test and are given a thorough review by our staff.

    • Capacity
      Your business plan and/or prior year(s) financials must show that you can produce enough cash to repay the loan. This is the most critical of the five Cs.
    • Capital
      How much equity do you have? First you'll need to be prepared to contribute some of your own money toward the business to ensure its success. We can only lend you a portion of your start-up or acquisition costs, not 100%. Funds for these costs can come from deposits, an equity loan against your personal residence, or other sources.
    • Collateral
      A lender looks at collateral as an additional credit enhancement. It won't necessarily make the monthly payments, but it could, if liquidated, help repay the loan. Again, regulations limit and dictate how much collateral we require. The loan request generally cannot exceed 80% of the collateral value. The 80% requirement is usually associated with liens against real estate. Other types of collateral such as accounts receivable and inventory may be at a lower percentage rate or lower maximum Loan-to-Value.
    • Conditions
      Be prepared to prove that the conditions are right for your type of business. Make sure there is a market for your business, based on the conditions of the local, regional and national economy, the type of industry, the competitiveness of the business and your experience in the industry and managing a business.
    • Character
      This is the general impression you make on the lender. Your educational background and business experience will be reviewed, along with your credit score. It's important to manage your personal credit carefully. Statistics show that the way you handle your personal credit is a strong indicator of how you'll manage your small business credit.