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What Is Your Routing Number?

Truliant Federal Credit Union's Routing Number is 253177832

Truliant's routing number is on the bottom left, in the footer on every web page, directly under our logo.
Routing Number: 253177832

Our routing number is also printed on every paper check you have. It is in the bottom of the check, on the left size, the nine digits are our routing number. The numbers on the bottom right of a check is the actual check number.

How Is a Routing Number Important to Me?

  • When you need to transfer money, typically a wire transfer, you will need our routing number
  • If you setup online bill pay, a car payment for example, you will need to provide the routing number
  • You may be asked for the routing number when you pay a bill over the phone

Contact us with any questions or concerns with using the Truliant routing number.