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Wire Transfers Instructions and the Fees

Can You Verify a Wire Transfer?

You must contact the wire transfer recipient to verify receipt of a wire transfer.

Is the Routing Number the Same for a Wire Transfer and for an ACH Transfer?

Not necessarily. Both transactions require a 9-digit number, but you will have to verify with the financial institution where you are sending the funds, if the ABA number for ACH or wires are the same, or which routing number should be used for a wire transfer and for the ACH.
The Truliant Routing number is: 253177832

How Much Do You Charge To Transfer Money to an External Account?

  • Using Online Banking or the Tru2Go app there is a $3 fee (per transfer) to transfer money to a non-Truliant account
  • It is free to transfer money between your Truliant accounts
  • There is a $10 fee per incoming domestic and international wire
  • There is $25 fee per outgoing domestic wire
  • A $35 fee per outgoing international wire

How Do I Wire Money?

In order to wire transfer money from one financial institution to another you must visit a branch. Please have this information ready when you arrive:

  • The recipient's full name
  • The recipient's contact information
  • Receiving banks routing and transfer numbers