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  • Lay the foundation for a strong financial future
  • Track what you spend compared to what you earn
  • Avoid the stress and worry that accompany debt
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  • Budgeting is a simple concept, but that's not to say it's always easy. At the basic level, budgeting means you understand exactly how much money you earn, spend and save. Everyone knows there are unexpected expenses or emotional whims that can blow up your budget. The key is to minimize, or better prepare for, those occurrences with a solid budgeting strategy that includes building up your savings account.

    Budgeting 101: What Does It Take?

    • Figure out how much money you’re earning.
    • Collect receipts and track how much money you spend.
    • Analyze your expenses and determine what you can live without and where you can cut costs.
    • Create a spending strategy and remain disciplined.
    • If possible, set aside some extra money that you can use to celebrate when you reach a financial goal.
    • Understand that financial stability is better in the long run than overspending. 

    Balance your needs, fun and your future by setting aside extra money in an interest-earning savings account at Truliant or a safe investment such as one of our share certificates. When you get a better handle on your finances, you will be able to enjoy life without stressing out so much over money. 

    It's your money and we're here to provide guidance. Simply call or make an appointment to speak with one of our trusted representatives at Truliant. We'll discuss your individual situation and help you come up with a personalized plan to help you build a strong financial foundation, improve your life and reach your goals.

    Truliant provides the right solutions - at no cost to members!