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Mobile Check Deposit

Skip the branch! Deposit your checks on the go.

What is Mobile Check Deposit?

Truliant's top-rated Tru2Go® Mobile App lets you deposit checks quickly and securely, 24/7, right from your smart phone. Whether you have a personal or business account, you can deposit checks from anywhere without a trip to your local branch or ATM.

It's convenient and easy. Simply use the Tru2Go app on your phone to take a picture of the check and follow the steps shown to deposit it into your preferred account.1

To use Mobile Check Deposit, members must:

  • Have a qualifying checking account or loan with Truliant
  • Download and install the latest Tru2Go mobile app (or log onto Online Banking and select Mobile Check Deposit from the Additional Services drop down menu)
  • Maintain personal and/or business accounts in good standing
  • Sign up for Truliant’s Online Banking

How do I use Mobile Check Deposit?

To avoid processing delays or returned checks when using Tru2Go, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Tru2Go and select 'More' at the bottom of your screen. Click 'Mobile Check Deposit' at the top.
  2. Choose the account you'd like to deposit the check into.
  3. Enter the check amount.
  4. Take a picture of the front of the check and tap 'Keep Picture' if the image is clearly visible. You can also select 'Retake' if needed.
  5. Sign your name on the back of your check and be sure to clearly print "For Mobile Deposit at Truliant" on the line(s) below your signature.
  6. Take a picture of the back of the check and tap 'Keep Picture' if the image is clearly visible. You can also select 'Retake' if needed.
  7. Click 'Deposit' to finish.
Once your check is accepted, you will see that your check was either successfully deposited or in review. It is important to keep your check after you've made your deposit until your funds have been deposited into your account. You can then destroy the check or mark it as void.

You can also deposit a check from your computer and scanner by using Online Banking. Simply log into Online Banking and select ‘Mobile Check Deposit’ from the ‘Additional Services’ drop down menu. Then, upload your check scans or images as instructed.

What are the requirements to use Mobile Check Deposit?

To use Mobile Check Deposit, you must:

Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

What happens if my deposit is in review?

Sometimes, we need to manually process a check that has been submitted through Mobile Check Deposit. If one of your checks is selected to be manually processed, we will typically process these on the same day if the check was deposited before 5:30pm ET Monday-Friday. Please do not resubmit your check for processing.

Once we review your check, you will receive an email notification. To be sure that you receive these notifications, make sure that your email address is up to date with us. You can review your email address and other information by selecting the gear icon in the top right under the 'More' menu in Tru2Go or by going to 'My Settings' in Online Banking.

What are the limits on Mobile Check Deposit?
MCD-Limits.pngMobile Check Deposits are subject to daily and 30-day rolling limits with a maximum of $3,750 per day, and $15,000 per month, for personal accounts and $26,000 per day, and $65,000 per month, for business accounts. Your daily deposit limit is displayed in your Tru2Go mobile app on the Mobile Check Deposit page. Enter the amount of your deposit and the daily maximum will show beneath. If your deposit exceeds either your daily or rolling limit, your deposit may be rejected.

If you find your banking needs frequently exceed these limits, we may be able to help. Give us a call at 800.822.0382 and ask your representative about increasing your mobile deposit tier (subject to approval).
Do I need to keep the paper check after depositing through Mobile Check Deposit?
We recommend keeping a check for 30 days after you have deposited it. After this period of time and after you have confirmed the deposited funds have been applied to your account correctly, you can destroy the check or mark it as void.
When will my funds become available after depositing through Mobile Check Deposit?
As with any deposit method, your deposit may be subject to a full or partial hold after acceptance. You can learn more by seeing our Funds Availability Policy.
Can I view previous or pending deposits made through Mobile Check Deposit?
Yes, you can review your previous or pending deposits on the History tab after clicking ‘Mobile Check Deposit.’
Can I make a Mobile Check Deposit on Sundays?
Mobile deposits can be made anytime, on any day of the week, even holidays. Deposits on weekends and holidays may take longer than normal to appear in your account.
(1)  Deposits are subject to daily and rolling 30-day limits. Minimum age to use Mobile Check Deposit is 16.