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Truliant’s ExpressCheck Auto Loan

What Is an ExpressCheck Auto Loan and Is There a Service Fee for the ExpressCheck Loan?

Truliant’s ExpressCheck™ Auto Loan gets you a pre-approved amount so you know exactly how much you can spend. Get the power to purchase - even if shopping on the weekend - with a real check you can use to close the deal! This financing option gives you:

  • Buying power for new or used cars or trucks
  • Convenient 100% financing that covers tax, title and license
  • Flexible funding that’s delivered immediately to qualified buyers

Just sign your loan paperwork and we'll give you a blank ExpressCheck™ good for up to amount of your loan pre-approval. Negotiate with the dealer, then fill out the amount to be financed. That's all there is to it! You can use all or some of your approved funds, and there's no obligation to use the check! Change gears and decide to purchase a different vehicle? No problem. You have 60 days to use your ExpressCheck™.

Ready to Apply?

Apply online for an ExpressCheck™ by selecting 'Borrow' in the menu above and clicking 'Apply for a Loan.' After choosing Auto Loan and whether you're a current or new member, (be sure to select the EL Check option in the application) or feel free to call our Contact Center at 800.822.0382 to get started today.