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Redeem Savings Bonds at Truliant FCU

Can I Redeem My U.S. Government Bonds With Truliant and How Do I Redeem Savings Bonds?

Yes! It's easy and convenient to redeem your U.S. government bonds. We can also confirm the value of your bond without cashing it in order to help you make a financial plan. Visit any Member Financial Center during business hours to cash your EE and I U.S. savings bonds free of charge, whether you're a member-owner or a non-member-owner (non-member-owner maximum redemption is $1,000)

Keep in mind that you need to wait at least 12 months from the issue date before cashing your bonds Please bring your ID so we can satisfy your requests quickly and efficiently, and note that Truliant does not sell bonds.

For information on how to redeem a savings bond visit