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Traveling and Your Debit Account

Travel Notifications are No Longer Needed.

Beginning Friday, December 8, 2023 you’ll no longer need to provide us notice of upcoming travel for your Truliant debit and credit cards to function while you’re away (domestically or internationally). We get it – travel can be stressful. From full flights and busy airports to long drives and delays, we’re excited to save you this step on your travel to-do list.

How Do I Turn Off Alerts for Out of State Purchases?

It is recommended to place travel notifications on your cards before traveling outside of the U.S. This can be done in Online Banking under Additional Services then Travel Notification.

Travel notifications need to be placed at least one day in advance. Or call us at 800.822.0382.

Is There a Fee To Use My Card in a Foreign Country?

There is no transaction fee to use your Transparent credit card internationally. However, there is a fee of 1% of the transaction amount to use your debit card or your Platinum Rewards credit card internationally.