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FRAUD ALERT: Scammers are posing as Truliant and sending emails and texts that state an unauthorized ATM withdraw has occurred on a member's account. Do not click on any links if you receive one of these communications.

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Traveling and Your Debit Account

How To Advise Truliant That You Will Be Traveling.

Before traveling contact a member service representative 800.822.0382.
Please have your most current contact information available.

3-Step Notification using Online Banking

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Choose Additional Services
  3. Submit a Travel Notification

This will ensure your transactions will be processed during your travel.

How Do I Turn Off Alerts for Out of State Purchases?

It is recommended to place travel notifications on your cards before traveling outside of the U.S. This can be done in Online Banking under Additional Services then Travel Notification.

Travel notifications need to be placed at least one day in advance. Or call us at 800.822.0382.

Is There a Fee To Use My Card in a Foreign Country?

There are no transaction fees for using your debit or credit card internationally.