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Truliant’s Online Bill Pay Service

Truliant's Bill Pay Service

Truliant’s online bill payment service offers members the flexibility to receive and pay bills through the convenience of their online banking account and/or the Tru2Go® Mobile App.
This is a free feature that enables members to:

  • Pay bills online anytime with payments sent electronically or via paper check, depending on how the merchant receives payments.
  • Schedule payments to avoid missing deadlines and/or incurring late fees.
  • Set up email alerts of bill arrivals, due dates, and dates when bills were paid
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for checks or the cost of postage

Truliant’s Online Loan Payment Service

It’s easier than ever to make a Truliant loan payment from an account at another financial institution. You can now use our self-service tool to pay electronically from a non-Truliant checking or savings account or debit card (credit cards not accepted).1 Our Online Loan Payment Service is free to members with Online Banking, or can be accessed in our Guest portal with a fee of $7.00 per payment.