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How to Draw Money from a Truliant Certificate

How Do I Withdraw Money From a Certificate?

Please call our call center at 800-822-0382 or visit your nearest branch location to move funds from your Certificate.

How Can I Close Out My Certificate Before It Matures?

To learn more about our Certificates, click here
The minimum deposit to open a Certificate is $250.00.
You can close out a Certificate early by visiting a branch or calling us at 800.822.0382. Be aware there may be a penalty for early withdrawal.

Penalties for Early Withdrawal:

If early withdrawal reduces the principal amount of the certificate below the above stated Minimum Balance, the certificate will be canceled.  In all cases of early withdrawal, a penalty will be imposed equal to the dividends on the principal withdrawn according to the chart below.  Each time you withdraw principal early, you will be charged an early withdrawal penalty. If your account has not earned enough interest to cover an early withdrawal penalty, the Credit Union will deduct any interest first and take the remainder of the penalty from the principal.