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Truliant Offers Official Checks

Do You Offer Certified Checks?

We offer Official checks for a $5 processing fee per check. They are available at all branch locations.

What Is the Difference Between an Official Check and a Certified Check?

Consumer will not see any difference between the checks. A cashiers check and an official check are both guaranteed funds, with the money available immediately.

Where Do I View Check Stubs?

Checks are available for a period of 80 days from the date of processing. To use check imaging:

  • Log into your Online Banking account
  • Click your account name, basic checking for example, to access your history
  • Click on the check number
  • The front and back image of the check will be displayed in a new window

Please note that the time required to display a check image can vary and depends on a variety of factors such as computer speed, Internet connection, modem speed, etc.