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How Truliant FCU Calculates Credit Card Interest.

How Is Credit Card Interest Calculated?

Your current Truliant credit card has a variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR). To see the exact interest rate either:

  • Login to Online Banking or the Tru2Go app and go to Credit Card under Account History and select a statement
  • Call 800.822.0382 to find out your current interest rate

To see the rates for a new card click here

How Does My Credit Score Affect My Loan or Credit Card Rate?

A high credit score will qualify you for a lower interest rate. A low credit score, which indicates you are a high credit risk, will qualify you for a higher interest rate. If you’d like to discuss the specifics of your situation, Make an Appointment for a No-Cost Credit Review and we can go over your credit report in detail to give you more financial stability.