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A Debit Card and an ATM Card are Different

What’s the Difference Between a Debit Card and an ATM Card?

A debit card and an ATM card can be used at ATMs and any merchant where a PIN number can be entered. A debit card can also be used on the internet as well for non-PIN related purchases where an ATM card cannot.
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When Should I Choose Credit When Using My Debit Card for a Purchase?

It is safer to choose credit transactions for any debit card transaction unless you need cash back. Credit is secured by the VISA network, which backs each transaction in case of fraud or an incorrect amount is posted. Register with Visa Secure® for added protection when using the card number remotely. Please visit our Card Fraud Prevention, Prevention & Security page to view our best practices for banking securely, and to help you learn how to safeguard your personal information.