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Digital Wallet & Mobile Wallet Q & A

Can I Add My Cards to Multiple Devices With Mobile Wallet Options?

Yes. There are no restrictions on adding your Truliant cards to multiple devices in either Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Please note that your cards must be added to each device and complete the card verification process separately. The total number of devices you can add the same cards to may vary by the card issuer. For each Apple Pay-enabled device, you can load up to eight (8) cards. Devices do not share cards, so if you want the same card on two different devices, you will need to load the card on each device separately.

What Is a Device Account Number and How Is It Different From My Truliant Debit and Credit Card Account Number?

For your security, when you add your card to Samsung Pay, a Device Account Number is created for this card on that device. It is separate and unique to your device and different from your card account number. Your Device Account Number is used to make purchases with your card using Samsung Pay. If you add the card to multiple devices, each device will have a separate Device Account Number. For more information about Samsung Pay, please visit the Samsung Pay website