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Was Your Credit Card Compromised?

How Was My Visa Credit/Debit Card Used Fraudulently When I Have It in My Possession?

There are many avenues that the card number may have been accessed that is out of your control as well as ours, such as using the card online, in stores, at an ATM or more. The best thing you can do is be aware of your account and keep track of your transaction history using eStatements.

If you see something abnormal, please contact us. The magnetic stripe on the back of card includes information such as the account number and the expiration date. There is computer hardware and software available that can capture this information which can be used for fraudulent purposes. Hackers use this technology to breach merchant’s databases and steal this information to make a clone (duplicate) of your card.

How Do I Report Suspicious Activity on My Account?

To report suspicious activity visit our report suspicious activity page.
For Debit Cards call 866-673-6581 anytime 24/7.
For Credit Cards call 833-541-0777 anytime 24/7.
For ACH or ATMs call 800-822-0398 anytime 24/7.
To learn more about card fraud and prevention click here